Mexico mangos hit another record volume

Mexico mangos hit another record volume

Mexico should set another record for fresh mango export volume, in the estimation of Chris Ciruli, COO of Ciruli Bros. LLC, Rio Rico, AZ. “Year after year we see increased volume from Mexico. It’s very exciting to see the numbers increase and the volume working” within the trade.

The Mexican mango deal in 2023 “had a really good run,” he added. On July 26, Ciruli tells, the industry had enjoyed six straight weeks with total sales of at least four million boxes. That string may run to eight or nine weeks as the Mexican deal heads to a conclusion in late September. The sustained high volume came as the industry managed to keep a “reasonable price range.”

As the United States faces blazing hot temperatures in late July, Ciruli notes that this is good for demand as consumers seek a cool, sweet fruit.  

Ciruli Brothers’ branded specialty is Champagne, which for many years has carried a purple logo bearing the yellow Ataulfo variety. This year about 20% of Ciruli’s mango sales volume was of round mangos.

That round volume for Ciruli will quickly be increasing, as its Champagne deal will end soon, finishing from Los Mochis during the weekend of July 29. Then Ciruli will be shipping mostly Kents, and some Keitts from Los Mochis through September. The Kent quality is “fantastic and fruit sizes are in the 10-12 range.” Colossal-size Keitts will be coming in the four, five, and six range late in the deal.

Ciruli predicts “the Mochis deal will end in September and the offshore deal will begin in the September 11-18 range.”

In February, Mexico’s 2023 mango deal enjoyed a typically strong start in Chiapas. The numbers were good, but the weather was dry and the fruit a little smaller than normal. The deal moved to Nayarit, which had its earliest start ever and another “nice run” although dry weather once again brought a lot of small fruit. 

He notes that North American retail customers enjoyed consistent yellow mango supplies from mid-February until the late July finish. Yellow mango sizes from Los Mochis will close with mostly 18s, 20s and 22-count.   

He notes the yellow mango has become Mexico’s second-largest export mango variety. “In the 90s it was one of the smallest volume varieties,” says Ciruli. “Yellows are now a viable force in the market. We continue to grow the yellow deal.” The four other key Mexican mango varieties are Tommy Atkins, Kent, Keitt, and Haden.

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